Wow I’m so behind in my blogging life, sorry blog, you’ve treated me so nicely, and I’ve just been giving you the cold shoulder. It’s just that I’ve been trying to experience this other part of my life. It’s not you, it’s me. But let’s try and make this work.

This first little post will be just that, short. Two days ago I went to the Eiffel Tower with a BIG group of people. BIG mistake. Why you ask? Well, in case you haven’t heard my theory before…getting big groups from point A to point B is much like herding kittens. You try and corral them all and get them to go one way, and inevitably one kitten is in the corner playing with a ball of yarn and another kitten is drinking milk in another corner. And all you want is FOR ALL THE KITTENS TO MOVE. It basically took us 25 minutes to just get some snacks and walk 50 meters to the metro station.

Anywho, we finally arrive at the Eiffel Tower and it’s funny because there’s so much excitement to see the Eiffel Tower, but then when you go see it during the day, you realize it’s simply a huge metal structure. But then as you walk closer, you realize just how ginormous it truly is. We settled on a grassy hill across the street from it and ate our little picnic. It was beautiful, but I want to go back at night when it is twinkling.


About kelskraz

I've begun this blog to write about various things while I study abroad in Paris. While I major in film (cheese, let's get real), I'll be studying in Paris for 4 months. I hope that I'm able to keep this updated for family and friends to check out what I'm up to abroad (this is easier than my mother putting a gps on my phone, which almost happened). So with that, bonjour!

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