I wish I had an easy bake oven…


So apparently there is a store that sells only frozen gourmet food. And before you jump all over that and tell me that French people only eat the most freshest food and pick it from their backyards, well, you are wrong. Because in my apartment we have a mini fridge AND a microwave (But we lack an oven-boo hoo, no baking for me unless someone wants to send us an easy bake oven). And many other Parisian places do too. I guess that this store that sells all these frozen foods is sometimes the main event of dinner parties!

Today I also realized something. Picking your nose in public is totally the norm in Paris. All the cool kids are doing it. And people aren’t even shy about getting caught. When I was going on the up escalator and was caught the eye of a man on the opposing elevator picking his nose, he simply smiled and continued his hunt for gold.

I have also seen a lot of roller bladers. That’s a big way people get around, in fact, I even saw two police men on roller blades going through traffic. I can’t decide which is more comical- police roller bladers or segue using roller bladers?

That’s all for today, it’s a homework day (which is so weird to be doing again) and I’m in need of some sleep catching up as well. Tomorrow is another field trip, which I can’t wait for!


About kelskraz

I've begun this blog to write about various things while I study abroad in Paris. While I major in film (cheese, let's get real), I'll be studying in Paris for 4 months. I hope that I'm able to keep this updated for family and friends to check out what I'm up to abroad (this is easier than my mother putting a gps on my phone, which almost happened). So with that, bonjour!

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