My life is now complete.


So I finally did it…I made my first non-perishable food related purchase. I’ve been dreaming about this moment for three weeks and had done my research as to the best place to purchase my BRAND NEW CANVAS ROLLY BAG. Now I can travel to my marchés in style. Unfortunately the place that had the cheap/good size/water proof bag, only had red or white to choose from. So now I stand out even more than before!

Diana went with me to make my purchase and could feel my excitement. I literally have been waiting to buy this. And on a positive note, I went to the marché today and realized that I had made a friend! One vendor I often go to (she has great product at reasonable prices; you can find dirt cheap prices, but the quality of the item is deceivingly terrible- Diana and I have learned our lessons!) miraculously figured out that I’m obviously a foreigner and by no means a Parisian. We chatted in Frenglish and she now knows that I’m an American student from California and she has been helping me to pronounce the item and the quantity. Woohoo! In Kelsey’s friendgame: +1. Although I later realized that she probably recognizes me because I always make sure to walk through the marché, even when it’s out of my way.

Me and my new bestie. We’re cute, I know. It’s how I pick up my men.

Diana wanted to take a picture that would show just how much food we have in our household. Our entire “fridge” is filled along with our shelves. Well some girls have already bought copious amounts of clothes, we have bought copious amounts of food…




About kelskraz

I've begun this blog to write about various things while I study abroad in Paris. While I major in film (cheese, let's get real), I'll be studying in Paris for 4 months. I hope that I'm able to keep this updated for family and friends to check out what I'm up to abroad (this is easier than my mother putting a gps on my phone, which almost happened). So with that, bonjour!

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  1. Hi Kelsey,got your latest blog. Nana & I look forward to reading them. We have been saving them. Do you want us to continue this or is Mom & Dad doing it?
    Love, Grandpa & Nana

  2. Hey Kels,
    love the cart! I totally could have used it today at SMFM. Not only for my goods, but for running over peoples toes! Instead, I had to use the ramming method with the hand held bags! Thank you for introducing me to this method of “personal space” style of shopping!

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