Joyeux Anniversaire mon petit frère!


Joyeux Anniversaire mon frère! Can’t believe that Dillon is 19 years old. We always have these 3-4 months where we only appear to be a year apart, which I find entertaining since you look so much older than me anyways.

I wanted to wish him a very happy birthday from far away even though:

1. He recently informed me that he won’t be at the airport because he has a dentist appointment. When I pouted, he said, “do you want my tooth to rot?!” Spoken like a true second born…
2. Not sure that he has actually ever read any of my blogs, I’m going to assume no because how can he POSSIBLY fit in reading my blog when he has to eat, sleep, work out and be lazy? Not enough time.
3. Yesterday I was talking to my friend about making plans on the 10th and I said, “ok, see you Sunday!” I have already lost track of the days and almost didn’t realize that his birthday was today.
4. Every time I tell Dillon that I miss him soooo much, he just says, “ya, me too.” This only reinforces that my family stinks and doesn’t show emotion. Whereas I am over here professing my love and all of my family members are like, “ya, ok, miss ya too.” Thanks family.

Anyways, happy 19th birthday baby brosef, hope you enjoy the day!


About kelskraz

I've begun this blog to write about various things while I study abroad in Paris. While I major in film (cheese, let's get real), I'll be studying in Paris for 4 months. I hope that I'm able to keep this updated for family and friends to check out what I'm up to abroad (this is easier than my mother putting a gps on my phone, which almost happened). So with that, bonjour!

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  1. We love you we love you we love you we miss you we miss you why haven’t you come back sooner we are lonely without you and cannot continue to exist in a meaningful way why are you still in Paris come home soon things are dire we are on an emotional roller coaster and nana has a new knee!

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