Macaron be makin’ me famous.


Ok, so first of all, Emilie has made it to Paris! She got here yesterday and it has been SO GREAT having her here. I have already forced her to buy Laudurée macarons, taken her to Mamie Gateaux, went to my favsies soup place, and made her act as my go between at the post office. It’s wonderful having a true French speaker here with me… Although I forgot that she is fantastically french in the sense that girl has got style. Damn you Emilie, it’s finals week, I’m supposed to look like hell and dress poorly, but how am I supposed to do that with you here?

Anyways, this post will be short because I have one last final to study for and then tomorrow it’s class, final, packing, cleaning and then Friday morning I’m off to Bordeaux and then Marmande!I’m beyond excited to go to Bordeaux and Marmande. Emilie has told me that Mamie (by the end of the trip, I have convinced myself that I will win her grandparents over and be able to call her some cute name) has foie gras and loves to cook and Papie (not sure if I spelled this right) loves to make mushrooms. Really people, did I luck out in the best friend department or what? I’d advise you to quickly make an international friend. DO IT NOW.

Ok and lastly, for two pieces of news:

1. My father has generously offered to guest blog for me, since I’m not sure if I’ll get to it while I’m in the south of France. This is supposed to my vacation too, remember? But I will get back to the blog before I head home. What he will write about, I have no clue. Maybe each day will be an ode to one of my many lovely attributes.

2. I AM LEGIT WRITER. (at least in my head). NO BUT FOR REALS. Basically, I’m an avid blog follower, I love to check out different sites and a month ago, I wrote one of the blogs I love and pitched them an idea for an article. And wouldn’t ya know it? It’s published today! It’s about the macaron (of course it’s food related, come on, it’s me, Gobblegee.) Check it out! Let me know your thoughts here too!


About kelskraz

I've begun this blog to write about various things while I study abroad in Paris. While I major in film (cheese, let's get real), I'll be studying in Paris for 4 months. I hope that I'm able to keep this updated for family and friends to check out what I'm up to abroad (this is easier than my mother putting a gps on my phone, which almost happened). So with that, bonjour!

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  1. So happy to be here and be a part of your adventure!! LOVED your blog post; I’m traveling with a real author woohooo congrats 🙂

  2. Well done Kelsey…make sure there are a few pistachio-flavored ones as well! Have fun with Emily and your surrogate grandparents for the week!

  3. Kelsey….I don’t speak French and cooking is not my specialty, but I love macarons and fois gras so in case the other grandparent thing doesn’t work out, I am always here in LA. Love to Emilie and Coco and Cyp.

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