Traveling in Style: Rainboots edition.


Hello again! I am officially back in California, where I have already indulged in a burger, baking, driving (Dad, I know you’ve been driving Gomez because you changed all of my radio stations…), grocery shopping, crossfitting (went 3 hours after I got off the plane), and have worn several sweatpants.

Let me first discuss my flight from Bordeaux to Paris. Tati Kiki, Mamy, Em and I headed to Bordeaux with my two very large suitcases, ginormous carry on and bulging backpack. Of course one of my bags was totally overweight. Thankfully, Emilie is a packing champ and helped me to move some things around. Which meant that I had to spend my next two days traveling in rainboots, wearing two sweatshirts and carrying two jackets. Did I mention that I was also carrying a huge poster that I got for my cousin Sam? Yes, I looked ridiculous. When I put my huge carry-on (which was filled with presents), the security looked at me like I was crazy. And then asked me if that was a metal elephant in my bag… Eventually I made it to Paris, where I then had to waddle in my rainboots to get to the hotel shuttle. I, being the bright person that I am, decided to just carry all of my stuff to the shuttle pick-up instead of putting it on one of those push carts that the airport provides. Not one of my smartest moments. That night I headed into Paris for one last night, where I walked by the Luxembourg gardens, strolled past Saint Sulpice, picked up a box of macarons for my mother (and myself…), and said au revoir to Paris.

The next day went A LOT better. Finally, after 4 months of packing, traveling, strikes, and transportation, the travel gods smiled upon me. First of all I made a conscious decision that if I was going to have to wear my huge rainboots, then by golly I was going to wear sweats, trendy Parisians be damned. Might as well be comfortable if I’m going to look like a sherpa. The shuttle dropped me off at a random point at the airport, they don’t drop you off at your terminal, that would be too un-Parisian of them. This time I grabbed a push cart right away. Let me just say that every time I use one of those, I feel like I’m headed to Hogwarts and am tempted to run straight at a wall and catch the train with Harry Potter. The airport was of course packed, but I made my way (about 3 miles because the Charles de Gaulle airport layout MAKES NO SENSE). Finally I arrived to check in, where I had to laugh because this elderly man next to me also had a pushcart, but only had a tiny carry-on on it in comparison to my monstrosity of luggage. Also, unlike at LAX, everyone continues to keep their luggage on their pushcart in line, instead of taking it off before getting in line. So all of us are waiting in line with huge push carts. I get to the check in desk and apparently they were weighing the carry ons. Of course. My carry on weighed 4 kilos over (of course), so I took some more things out. After I made the weight (felt like my bags were on Biggest Loser), I took my carry on back, discreetly put the things back in and continued onto my gate.

I think that Air Tahiti Nui is a fantastic airline, a hidden gem. There were plenty of vacant seats on the plane, so I took a whole back row to myself and spread my belongings out. I strategically sat myself in the back, so I could be close to the bathroom, my tiny bladder was very happy about this. It was delightful. Unfortunately I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to culture myself by watching Monte Carlo, Cars 2, Chicken Little, and Rise of Planet of the Apes. I made friends with a flight attendant, who was the sweetest man ever. We landed after a longgg ride. I waddled to customs, grabbed my bags (of course mine was the last one off the conveyor), and pushed my Harry Potter cart out of the airport. Where I saw my family (Dillon is now even huger than before, he is rowing at UCSB and for once in my life, he finally has bigger thighs than me) and my dad was holding a welcome back sign. This sign was hilarious, his balloons he had drawn looked not like balloons. Use your imagination. I greeted my family and we headed back to Simi. My mom had brought me some baked goods (thanks Mom!) and moccasins. My aunt Christa sent me a text, “in sweats yet?” and then “have you eaten lots of goodies?” I’m not predictable whatsoever.

That’s all for now, happy early Christmas everyone and continuing Hanukkah! I will be posting later about the very American things I have been enjoying since I have been home.


About kelskraz

I've begun this blog to write about various things while I study abroad in Paris. While I major in film (cheese, let's get real), I'll be studying in Paris for 4 months. I hope that I'm able to keep this updated for family and friends to check out what I'm up to abroad (this is easier than my mother putting a gps on my phone, which almost happened). So with that, bonjour!

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  1. I’ve been checking 3 X day for a new blog and finally happy to see one (also happy you made it home). Don’t know what we’re going to do without “Handstands in Paris”, so just a suggestion………how about keeping it up and perhaps changing the name?! Happiest of holidays to the famille Krasnigor!

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