Donuts: the key to world peace.


Bonjour! It’s really difficult to not open with “bonjour” anymore when I blog. Well really, just greetings in general should be interesting. I get bored with “hello.” Anyways, that’s not the point of this post, so let’s get on with it, shall we? (That sounded British in my head…I dedicate that to you, Emilie.) By the way, if you want to continue to get your 20 year old, sassy blog fix, head on over to where you can read Emilie’s blog. She is currently studying in London, so I am living vicariously (and jealously) through her. Hello I want my life to be Harry Potter thankyouverymuch!

Ok so some exciting news…you remember that article I wrote for Big Girl’s, Small Kitchen? The one where I professed my deep and abiding love to the macaron? Well, I applied to be one of their regular contributors and this past Wednesday I found out that I will be! So you can get your Kelsey fix by heading on over there to see my posts (not sure how often yet, still in the process of figuring that out). Also, when you check them out, you should “like” them on their site or on their facebook because at the end of the week, the article with the most views/likes is then featured in the Huffington Post, USA Today, and other popular college oriented websites. Basically I’m super thrilled to continue to get to write, especially because it concerns food. Can you say 70,000 new foodiecollegegirl friends?!!

Also, second piece of exciting news. I made it through the second round of interviews at Verve Coffee Roasters! I don’t think I mentioned that I had applied to work there, but yes, I have always had a secret desire to work in a coffee shop. Can you say CAFFEINE FIX? Except not really, I will just consume lots of tea because I don’t want to become my father, who for a brief period of time, had to know where the Starbucks was in whatever town we were in so that he could get his fix. To quote him, “Coffee is the elixir of life!” (Except he says that in all caps, loudly.) But fo reals, it’s such a cool place, I go there to study all the time and nest (meaning take out 500 books, bring my water bottle and snacks, and take up residence in a corner for several hours.)

To backtrack, you may have read the first sentence in the previous paragraph and thought to yourself, “second round of interviews? That’s pretty intense.” Yes, it is. But their brand is growing quickly (two new shops and they now stock several of my local grocery stores with their coffee beans since they roast as well) and the people they have working there are awesome. They truly understand the power of customer service. Which means my mom would like them. She hates businesses that don’t get quality customer service. Therefore we no longer shop at Blockbuster’s, Michael’s flower shop, Burlington Coat Factory, and several other places that are on Maria’s permanent shit list. Also, they have a high demand of people who want to work there. So they can pick and be choosy (my type of company). The first round consisted of roughly 80-100 people, where we were divided into groups of 6-7 for group interviews. Then, for the second round we were called back for smaller group interviews, there were 20-30 of us in total. This is where things got interesting.

1. I need to continue to work on interviewing skills. For the most part, I do pretty well. Thankfully my parents have taught me the importance of a smile and eye contact. However, I can still be counted on to say something stupid without thinking it out first. This is due to my eagerness to go first (can you tell I’m a first born?” This resulted in me answering the question of what type of superhero would we want to be, “a donut superhero! I could create donuts anytime anywhere and turn anything into a donut!” WHY WOULD I SAY THIS? I DON’T EVEN LIKE DONUTS, THAT’S DILLON. Maybe it’s because I still think donuts are cute, they go with coffee, and they are not threatening whatsoever. I clearly subconsciously think that donuts are the answer to all of our world’s problems. Who would ever say, “Run away, Donut Man is here!” NO ONE. NO ONE. They would all be like “woohoo, life of the partay has arrived!” I also may or may not have said, “…because I’m not a patient person. I mean I didn’t used to be a patient person.” Oh well. They still called me back.

2. I also likened this whole process to speed dating. They asked me out on a second date and now we are courting, but not mutually exclusive. I don’t mind group interviews, but I still think it’s hard for them to get a feel for who you are in them. So at the end I shook their hands and said “thanks for the second date.”

3. I don’t like ass kissers. No really, they bother me. And I had two in my interview. They were both like “ohmygod your coffee is so quality. I never even liked coffee until I tried your coffee.” Um excuse me, really? I mean I know I’m dramatic, but I’m not THAT dramatic.

4. One girl literally started to tear up in my interview. How do you compete with that??? This was in her response to the question asked about our best compliment we’ve ever received at work. She told us about this woman who told her she changed her life and had never had anyone in her life support her or cheer her on. All I could think to myself was, “thank god you answered last.” What? I’m compassionate. Usually.

So now the next step is a three day orientation. SERIOUSLY. I know. But you haven’t heard the best part…we then take a test at the end. I must really want this job (I really, really do). But I’m not crazy nervous because I’m a nerd and study anyways.

Best part of all this? My parents both telling me that I can now pay for a. an old car for my dad to work on when he retires b. trips for my mom to take. Parental unit, I haven’t even gotten the job, so maybe you should hold off on calling dibs on my minimum wage. Dill, step up, I need your help to fund our parents.

That’s all for now, I’ll keep you posted!

* My post says that it has linked Em’s blog, but I don’t see it. Her blog is: …. Get at it!


About kelskraz

I've begun this blog to write about various things while I study abroad in Paris. While I major in film (cheese, let's get real), I'll be studying in Paris for 4 months. I hope that I'm able to keep this updated for family and friends to check out what I'm up to abroad (this is easier than my mother putting a gps on my phone, which almost happened). So with that, bonjour!

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  1. So much to say and so little time! First, congratulations on landing the “Big Girl’s, Little Kitchen” blog. I will LIKE it every time and maybe a few times a day! Second, landing a Barista job sounds almost as important as being accepted as an FBI Agent. As an example, my granddaughter in LV is trying to get a hostess job at Tony Roma’s and she’s been invited back for her THIRD interview!

    Important to know, I have mostly given up reading for entertainment as I now follow 2 Very Important blogs that are way more interesting than anything I can read otherwise.

    Good luck on all the wonderful events going on in your life, Kelsey, you and Em are my role models for attitude, life’s outlook, new adventures and motivation.

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