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I've begun this blog to write about various things while I study abroad in Paris. While I major in film (cheese, let's get real), I'll be studying in Paris for 4 months. I hope that I'm able to keep this updated for family and friends to check out what I'm up to abroad (this is easier than my mother putting a gps on my phone, which almost happened). So with that, bonjour!

Sunday Life Lessons


After writing the last post, it dawned on me that it’s been an entire quarter since Paris. This is just crazy! I feel like I was there yesterday. This is probably because since I’ve been back, my life has been a little crazy and filled. Usually I’m not big on discussing life lessons, but since I’m in my ripe and wisened age of 21, I’m allowed to discuss this shiznit.

First of all, THANK GOODNESS I studied abroad in Paris. No seriously, best decision in life ever. I have learned and grown so much from the experience. One of the most important things I took away from the experience, which has now turned into a mantra of mine is: “if I had to navigate a completely different culture in a foreign language, then there is NO reason why I can’t put myself out there in my native culture and language.” If you’ve kept up with my blogs, then you’ve read about me getting jobs and opportunities that simply weren’t happening to me before. And that’s all because I put myself out there. What do I have to lose? (Besides my dignity, which let’s face it- thanks to my mother, I’ve lost a lot of concepts of social embarassment).

Although my close friends and family members would probably tell you that they are most glad that I learned how to be much more flexible and patient. This is a result of the transportation and strikes in Paris. Oh and the complete lack of customer service, which meant that doing 1 thing could take all day.

And another perk has definitely been my dressing skillz. They have become SO much better. Before I used to dress for comfort and didn’t really care about looking feminine or dressing my actual body shape. But now I’m all about the accessorizing (and the stripe. J’aime des chemises rayées).

Only sad note: my french language skills? Well, those have kind of fallen by the wayside. I know, I know, I really shouldn’t let them, but I wasn’t able to fit French in my schedule and I had some residual Parisian resentment when I first came back from studying abroad.

Sunday lesson from Kelsey? Put yoself out there!


The difference between Oprah and I.


So yesterday I realized something. I LOVE surprises. Unlike my fellow diva Oprah who doesn’t enjoy surprises, I adore them. That’s the ONLY difference between me and my main gurl Oprah. But then I realized that I am rarely surprised by people.

So I tried to figure out why. Wel, it’s because I’m a bit of a bossypants. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that I’m the first born and therefore think I’m in charge and run my family. Ask my parents, it’s much quieter at their house when I’m at school. I am usually the one being bossy, therefore I probably don’t give the chance to be surprised. I would totes be that person who plans their own surprise birthday party.

What else is new in my life? Well, it’s currently raining and freezing cold here, which I suppose is good because I have finals next week. I turned in my official script yesterday and pitched my story. Cheers to completing my first ever script! And thankfully my finals are done by Wednesday. I’m so close to being done with this quarter and I really can’t wait!

Why can’t I wait? Well first of all because I’m going skydiving this upcoming Friday, which is gonna be cuhrayzay! And when I first told my parents about it, I realized that I wasn’t selling them on it by saying, “but I got such a good deal for it on groupon!” I’ll be fine. Really I will.

And then a week from this Wednesday I will be in New York City!!! Where I will reunite with macaroons..I mean my aunts. I’m so ready for a vacation, this quarter has been action packed. I’m ready to get my eat on, my drank on, and get dressed up.

Double Date Article


Remember that time Emilie and I went on a double date in France? Well, I finally got a chance to write about it. Check out my latest article: SKC Article

By the way, when I wrote this article, I asked my dad to proofread it for me. We were discussing what would be a good opener for the article and he said, “why don’t you start it: it’s been a LONG time since I’ve been a double date…” Thanks Dad, you have so much belief in my dating life. Also, Em, I totally used your Marmande photo. I’m a bad person. Whoops.

Side note: I’ve got some CRAZYEXCITING news for all of you that I’ll be sharing tomorrow….

Cheers to Me!


Yesterday was my 21st birthday. And it was one of the most amazing birthdays I have ever had. The day started off with bacon, so I had a strong feeling that it was going to be a good day.

Although apparently, when it’s my birthday, it’s really Maria Krasnigor’s birthday. First off, I had to make sure to have lots of cold coffee in my fridge for her. I cleaned, but didn’t bother to make my bed because I knew it wouldn’t be up to her standards and she would just remake it. She brought her little mini bagels and fake american cheese for her breakfast sandwiches. But when we woke up, it dawned on me that I have no toaster (because I don’t eat bread, I’m a gluten-freer now) and no ice for her ice coffee. Whoops, sorry my little bed and breakfast wasn’t up to its full standards for you. Although now I know what it feels like for Christa and Mama and Opa when you visit.

Ok, so yesterday started off with breakfast (I made the prima dona a delightful breakfast sandwich) and then we walked along West Cliff, which is a beautiful walk along the ocean. Then we headed over to crossfit, where I did my second workout of the open. After rockin’ the workout, we headed to my little Saturday farmers’ market. Boy I love me a farmer’s market. I really do miss my Paris farmer’s market though. And my rolly bag…le sigh…I hope you are in a better place now.

Fortunately Santa Cruz decided to be beautiful weather for us, it was 73 degrees yesterday! Although mom was in pants (she runs cold like Em, I just imagine the two of you in your puffy coats…so adorbs), I was in shorts. For us Santa Cruzians, anything over 65 is summer weather. We took a beautiful drive down to Carmel, which Tanya and Sean had just visited and raved about. It was soooo cute! Loved it! We poked around and I got some super sweet and funny socks (I wear crazy socks under pants and to Crossfit, I’m a lover of socks). Then we drove back and got ready for the main event.

The main event was dinner at Manresa Restaurant. As you have seen in previous posts, food is pretty much my life. I’m thinking about the next meal as I’m eating one. And my favorite thing to do when I call home is to ask what they’re making for dinner. I think my superpower is super taste buds. I can recall almost any meal and can tell when mom has changed something in the mashed potatoes. So if you ever need a crime solved regarding food, I’m your gal.

Ok back to Manresa. Manresa is a gorgeous restaurant in Los Gatos, a city in the mountains right next to Santa Cruz. It is truly a fine dining experience and one of the only restaurants in California to have Michelin stars. The chef, David Kinch is currently nominated for a James Beard award. If this means nothing to you, it’s okay, I still love you. One of my coworkers at Verve, who I absolutely adore, Avery, works in the front of the house there (and is transitioning to cooking in the back- she makes the most AMAZINGDELICIOUS gluten-free bread of my life). She hooked us up and got us reservations (which you usually have to get months in advance). I had been dreaming about this meal for a month.

We ordered the tasting menu, which means about a bajillion courses and the chef decides what to create that night. This is really cool because each table gets variations of similar things. I was constantly scoping out the table next to me to see what they were having. I began my meal with a cocktail (what’s up being 21?!!!!!) and they carded me just for the purpose of carding me, which thankfully I remembered to bring my wallet.

Because I’m a friend of Avery’s, they hooked us up. We got a few extra courses and desserts. I think we were the envy of the tables around us. We also must have stuck out a bit because we were the only non -couple and I was clearly the young person in the crowd.

I will write another post about the food, so that those of you who get bored by my food chatter can stop reading here!

Realities of Studying Abroad.


This is too great not to share.

Also, I realized that I am compulsively wearing my adorable striped circle scarf that I got from my parents for X-mas ALL THE TIME. I really need to change it up or get another one. But the circle is just too damn convenient and because of Paris, I’m hooked on wearing scarves. As Julie once described it to me, it’s like a little nest that I can rest on and cuddle into. So true Jules, so true.

Em me manque!


Tribute!!!! This is to Em, who I MISS VERY MUCH RIGHT NOW. Side note: Em, I seriously suck at having photos. I have none on my computer from elementary, middle, or high school. So sad.

Basically we are super cute. And I should never have cut all of my hair off. And you got much more skilled at doing your hair/being trendier than me.

This week’s obsessions.


Sup everybody?! I’m sitting in my little studio, which currently smells like bacon due to the fact that I ate an entire package of bacon for breakfast along with some pumpkin waffles. (WAIT, YOU CAN TELL I LIVE ALONE? WEIRD.) Did I mention that I accidentally set off my fire alarm as well? Whoops.

I’ve just finished my 5th week at school, which is cuh-razy, I can’t believe that I have been back in Santa Cruz over a month! Time is seriously flying by. Between work, school, and seeing friends, I’m crazy busy. It makes me wonder what I was doing with my free time before? Also, I was a VERY lucky girl and got to skype both Emilie and Julie (Julie finally has internet, hallelujah!!!). I miss them both incredible amounts, but I’m so proud of them and their European adventures. Julie is mastering Italian and Emilie is apparently mastering night clubs. I think both of you should start finding a potential husband for me because I want to travel in the future and want to have cute bi-cultural babies. Emilie, I won’t object to Guillame. Think of that as your V-Day gift to me!

Anyways this week I thought I would share my current obsessions with you:

1. This video. I have almost learned the entire dance and need to do my own video version of it now. Except I need a furry sweater top. Anyone got an extra hanging around their closet?

2. Nut butters. Dear god, I consume jarfuls of almond butter/cashew butter/macademia nut butter. So I decided to email my dad to convince him to buy and send me a 4lb jar of nut butter. Oh yes, 4 pounds. I bet I can finish that jar in a week, no problem. My mom asked me if I planned on using it as lotion. Nope, just to make my belly happy. I’m scared for the day when I am pregnant because I can only imagine how crazy my cravings will be.

3. This image that Emilie posted on my facebook. This is my life. Yes, I will be spending Valentine’s Day working, baking, going to class, wearing pink, and spending time with my two true loves: food and Channing Tatum. (I saw The Vow last night, Channing Tatum, marry me please.)

4. My new dark wash skinny toothpick J.Crew jeans. Thank god they are in my life now! They are so cute and make me look trendy and go with every single top and I want to wear them everyday. In fact I may have worn them 5 days this week. But I washed them, don’t worry. I want them in several colors so that I can wear the same pair of pants several times a week but trick people into thinking I’m wearing different pants. Feel free to buy me a pair, I won’t say no.

5. Watching the show Chopped. Have you ever watched it??? SO GOOD. It’s an hour show on the foodnetwork (duh) where four chef contestants come on the show and get a basket of 3/4 mystery ingredients and they have to make an appetizer, then an entree, and then a dessert. And each round one chef gets chopped. I’m addicted. I usually watch this while consuming a jarful of nut butter.

6. My friend Christian’s balcony. Ohmygah, he lives up past campus, which is seriously the forrest. It’s technically almost Bonny Doon (Seanya will know what I’m talking about). I usually go there once a week, do my laundry (woohoo free laundry!), and sit on his porch which overlooks all these trees and flowers. It’s fantastic. It’s so quiet up there and I get a whole bunch of scriptwriting done up there.

7. Planning my 21st birthday. Cheap drinks? Oh no, it’s all about the fine dining y’all. I’m clearly your average 21 (almost) year old.

In other news, the job is going GREAT! I’m french pressing coffee, taking money, handing out pastries and smiling like nobody’s business. It’s wonderful. You should try smiling all day, it makes you feel like 1329234390 times better about life in general. I recommend that you try this as an experiment. And then thank me. I also received TWO PACKAGES. One from my dear aunt Vicky (love the photo magnets, BRILLIANT IDEA.) and one from my friend Tessa, who sent me chocolate covered cherries from Michigan. I now need to send her something from California, but I can’t figure out what to send. It’s too difficult to send an in-n-out burger.

Also, I only have 40 dollars left to raise for the dance marathon, which is next weekend. Tell your friends to support me! Just 5 dollars will help! PLEASE I NEED YOUR MONEY.

Enjoy your Sunday!