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Realities of Studying Abroad.


This is too great not to share.

Also, I realized that I am compulsively wearing my adorable striped circle scarf that I got from my parents for X-mas ALL THE TIME. I really need to change it up or get another one. But the circle is just too damn convenient and because of Paris, I’m hooked on wearing scarves. As Julie once described it to me, it’s like a little nest that I can rest on and cuddle into. So true Jules, so true.


Em me manque!


Tribute!!!! This is to Em, who I MISS VERY MUCH RIGHT NOW. Side note: Em, I seriously suck at having photos. I have none on my computer from elementary, middle, or high school. So sad.

Basically we are super cute. And I should never have cut all of my hair off. And you got much more skilled at doing your hair/being trendier than me.

This week’s obsessions.


Sup everybody?! I’m sitting in my little studio, which currently smells like bacon due to the fact that I ate an entire package of bacon for breakfast along with some pumpkin waffles. (WAIT, YOU CAN TELL I LIVE ALONE? WEIRD.) Did I mention that I accidentally set off my fire alarm as well? Whoops.

I’ve just finished my 5th week at school, which is cuh-razy, I can’t believe that I have been back in Santa Cruz over a month! Time is seriously flying by. Between work, school, and seeing friends, I’m crazy busy. It makes me wonder what I was doing with my free time before? Also, I was a VERY lucky girl and got to skype both Emilie and Julie (Julie finally has internet, hallelujah!!!). I miss them both incredible amounts, but I’m so proud of them and their European adventures. Julie is mastering Italian and Emilie is apparently mastering night clubs. I think both of you should start finding a potential husband for me because I want to travel in the future and want to have cute bi-cultural babies. Emilie, I won’t object to Guillame. Think of that as your V-Day gift to me!

Anyways this week I thought I would share my current obsessions with you:

1. This video. I have almost learned the entire dance and need to do my own video version of it now. Except I need a furry sweater top. Anyone got an extra hanging around their closet?

2. Nut butters. Dear god, I consume jarfuls of almond butter/cashew butter/macademia nut butter. So I decided to email my dad to convince him to buy and send me a 4lb jar of nut butter. Oh yes, 4 pounds. I bet I can finish that jar in a week, no problem. My mom asked me if I planned on using it as lotion. Nope, just to make my belly happy. I’m scared for the day when I am pregnant because I can only imagine how crazy my cravings will be.

3. This image that Emilie posted on my facebook. This is my life. Yes, I will be spending Valentine’s Day working, baking, going to class, wearing pink, and spending time with my two true loves: food and Channing Tatum. (I saw The Vow last night, Channing Tatum, marry me please.)

4. My new dark wash skinny toothpick J.Crew jeans. Thank god they are in my life now! They are so cute and make me look trendy and go with every single top and I want to wear them everyday. In fact I may have worn them 5 days this week. But I washed them, don’t worry. I want them in several colors so that I can wear the same pair of pants several times a week but trick people into thinking I’m wearing different pants. Feel free to buy me a pair, I won’t say no.

5. Watching the show Chopped. Have you ever watched it??? SO GOOD. It’s an hour show on the foodnetwork (duh) where four chef contestants come on the show and get a basket of 3/4 mystery ingredients and they have to make an appetizer, then an entree, and then a dessert. And each round one chef gets chopped. I’m addicted. I usually watch this while consuming a jarful of nut butter.

6. My friend Christian’s balcony. Ohmygah, he lives up past campus, which is seriously the forrest. It’s technically almost Bonny Doon (Seanya will know what I’m talking about). I usually go there once a week, do my laundry (woohoo free laundry!), and sit on his porch which overlooks all these trees and flowers. It’s fantastic. It’s so quiet up there and I get a whole bunch of scriptwriting done up there.

7. Planning my 21st birthday. Cheap drinks? Oh no, it’s all about the fine dining y’all. I’m clearly your average 21 (almost) year old.

In other news, the job is going GREAT! I’m french pressing coffee, taking money, handing out pastries and smiling like nobody’s business. It’s wonderful. You should try smiling all day, it makes you feel like 1329234390 times better about life in general. I recommend that you try this as an experiment. And then thank me. I also received TWO PACKAGES. One from my dear aunt Vicky (love the photo magnets, BRILLIANT IDEA.) and one from my friend Tessa, who sent me chocolate covered cherries from Michigan. I now need to send her something from California, but I can’t figure out what to send. It’s too difficult to send an in-n-out burger.

Also, I only have 40 dollars left to raise for the dance marathon, which is next weekend. Tell your friends to support me! Just 5 dollars will help! PLEASE I NEED YOUR MONEY.

Enjoy your Sunday!

First day of work!


First day of work was today! After two different trainings with my hiring group (there’s five of us girls), I finally started work at the Capitola location (Capitola is a neighboring city, basically Santa Cruz) under the guidance of one of my managers. It was AMAZING, I’m seriously thrilled to be working there. My coworkers are some of the greatest batch of people, I lucked out big time. Is it weird that I wanted this job to make friends with the people who work there? Probably, but whatevs. And the Capitola location is the original shop, so there are lots of regulars, which is great. Here are some of the highlights from today:

1. Instead of passing the mini receipts that say the coffee orders on them, I kept throwing them away. Whoops… At the location we all trained at, there’s a remote printer that prints out the receipts, so I just assumed that these were cash receipts and we didn’t need them anymore. Thankfully I got corrected REAL QUICK.

2. The register broke. Maybe I should have told them about my bad luck? It’s only natural that the technology would stop functioning after I interacted with it. Maybe it’s in cahoots with my old ipod, my laptop and my phone?

3. The Capitola location is right near a big surfing point, so we get A LOT of surfers. I was doing dishes and struck up conversation with this adorable old lady. When I asked her how her day was, she told me “the swells are huge today, the waves are just so giant!” Which I had to laugh at because are you going to go surfing out there lady? I hope not.

It was a short shift, but I work again Thursday and I’m so excited! I’m in charge of brewing coffee (I GOT THE POWER), giving out the pastries (no strudel for you!), cafĂ© upkeep and doing some other drink stuff.

Apparently I’m a single parent. Holla for a Dolla.


Sorry for the web silence y’all, it’s been a hectic past week and a half. Apparently I’m supporting a family single handedly and that is why I now have 3 JOBS. I know, I went to zero to sixty real quick. I told my mom this yesterday and she said, “I didn’t know you were a single parent, who are you supporting?” Well that would be my appetite, my spring break trip, and my clothes horse. Alas I have no sugar daddy to take care of me and there is only so many times in a day that I can head to the local Keith Krasnigor ATM without feeling extreme cases of guilt (I don’t know when I developed this deep sense of Catholic/Jewish guilt, but it’s there; this is why I spend an hour in a grocery store.)

And this past weekend my aunt Tanya and uncle Sean (affectionately known as “Seanya”) came and visited me in Santa Cruz! It was absolutely fantastic to see them before the embark on the next chapter of their life (baby and moving to Atlanta.) I was so happy to show them my little neck of the woods and wasted no time in taking them to all of the food places that I adore (Burgers, organic ice cream, best slice of pizza, best Brazilian brunch). See family, you need to come visit me and I will take care of your hunger needs. They lucked out as we had amazingly beautiful weather which is extremely uncharacteristic for January weather. We got to have lots of delightful chats, I received several “Sean’s Life Lessons” (if you haven’t signed up for Sean 101, you are missing out. Between he and my aunt, they have ASHITTON of life experience). I am sad to see them go as they were my only family on the west coast. But I also am glad that:

1. They are having a baby. This means I have another Krasnigor cousin to pull rank on. I’m the first born on both sides of my family, so I’m the OG first born (OG- Original Gangsta). Also, I LOVE babies. I love children actually. The amount of topics that you can cover in a conversation with a kid is great. They tell it like it is and so do I, so we get along well.

2. They are moving to Atlanta, also known as Hotlanta. I really like the south (or the version of the south in my head), which I think is because of all the novels that I have read that take place there. There’s something so traditional and mellow about the South that I like. I also think it’s really cool that their baby is going to be born in the south. Fun fact: my dad and all his siblings were born in the south. The Krasnigors are the original Massholes (I don’t feel bad saying this, I include myself in this), so it’s always funny to know that they weren’t born in Massachusetts, but rather the south. So it’s cool that it has come full circle and Tanya is returning there where her baby will be born!

3. I can visit them to eat fried chicken. I also love collard greens. And would like to try okra. So basically they are filling another food area of my life. Thanks guys, y’all are so considerate.

The other reason I’ve been so damn busy is that I got a job working at Verve, a really AMAZING coffee shop. The people are amazing and the place is beautiful. And how many people get to say that they love going to work? So I’m working for the man. Verve roasts their own coffee, flies to countries to find and meet with farmers and has quality product. So if you ever want to try some, let me know!

And last but not least…I have been working on my articles for Small Kitchen College. My first article comes out tomorrow, which I will be posting ASAP! And then I’ll be writing pretty much weekly. I don’t know how often I’ll be able to tend to this blog, but I’ll definitely try to link my articles here.

If you’re missing out on blogness, like I mentioned before, head over to Emilie’s, she’s got some great posts. Shout out to Emilie here! She has been mentioning me in her blogs which makes me FEEL SO LOVED. God I’m so vain. But now I know how you all must have felt when I mentioned you…pretty damn special. Imissyouemiliesosososososososomuch. This last paragraph is basically an open love letter to Emilie. Long distance best friendness going on right here.

Ok that’s it, gotta head to class! Silent Cinema is calling for me…actually it’s not, cuz it’s silent. Get it?